The horce of peace

“Noblest conquest of man”, as says so well the legend, he has ardour, impetuosity, and strength. He is free. He symbolizes the wisdom of self-control.

Total height: 250 meters
Total levels: 51 levels
The total surface in the buildings 550 000 m2
Habitable surface in the horse is 45 000 m2
Estimation of the construction: on demand
Price of the creation: on demand

Messenger of peace

In all societies, he is a messenger of peace.

I wanted to show it, imperial, at a height of 278 m, arising between the two bodies of a building in its image : elegant. On each of his sides, an arched curve becomes refined toward the top of the building to hiss even more grace…

A technological feat

bound to the passion of an artist

Never realized before, this creation will be, the emblem of imagination, the boldness of an artist, united with the technology of the builders of the 21st century, because this glass and steel horse: apartments of high standing will emerge. A unique construction in the world.

This project conceived, imagined and directed by Matéo Mornar is aimed at decision-makers, but at the visionary decision-makers of our time, energetic and daring, believing in the future and the new technologies, which allow these artistic innovations, while protecting the environment and sustainable development. It has been studied and technically approved by engineers and architects for their construction according to the rulebook.

More information

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