Matéo Mornar, known for his bronze sculptures, is an artist that is passionate about his work. He is in eternal creation, mutation and research for innovation. The artist has already reinvented our world, with its beautiful women with welcoming soft curves, his fantastic bestiary, his architectural models, a Christ caught by the sky. Many privileged people around the world can attest to the strength of Mateo’s art. Discover below, by category, the sculptures and work of Matéo Mornar.



The bodies of women, whom he admires and respects infinitely, flourish in original creations with their graceful curves, full of tenderness and love. They are a tribute to “the Woman” which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him.



Le sculpteur s’illustre aussi au travers d’un bestiaire unique en son genre ; avec des fauves, un hippopotame de 4 mètres de long et pesant plus d’une tonne (le plus gros du monde en bronze), une tortue, un rhinocéros.



The sculptor is also illustrated through a bestiary unique in its kind; with big wildcats, a hippopotamus 4 meters long weighing more than a ton (the world’s largest bronze), a turtle, a rhinoceros. Animals in danger on a troubled planet that Matéo Mornar has the will to protect and preserve. After a period devoted to smooth and voluptuous curves, the style of Matéo Mornar evolves towards cubic forms, asperities, incisive lines.

Bronze Sculptures


Discover the recent creations of Matéo Mornar: twelve bronze mini sculptures representing the Zodiac signs as well as the Chinese signs.