After more than 50years of creations, sculptures, drawings, art works, Mateo Mornar would like to focus in the design of art works in form of high-rise buildings, strong symbols of the spirit of the country where they will see the sky… Original living spaces never realized to this day. Mateo Mornar, hope, with this creation bring men a supplement of soul through a new vision, a new layout space of art in big cities of the world. Architectural projects that aimed at decision-makers, but at visionary decision-makers of our time, energetic and bold, believing in the future and new technologies.

The Horse of Peace

“Noblest conquest of Man,” as his legend so aptly puts it, it has the ardor, the impetuosity and the strength. It is free. It symbolizes the wisdom of self-control.

The Tower of Peace

Tomorrow is already today…

Today, it is the highest building in the world.

A complex of five pentagons illustrating the “5 Pilliars of Islam” united by two intermediary plateforms, one at a height of 182m, the other at 364m.

At the top, 1008 metres high: the world’s highest Prayer Room nestled in a 6 storey Star overlooked by its 85m Moon Crescent, the emblem of Islam. The 5 Pillars of Islam are the foundation of the Islamic way of life.

Le Faucon

Under the wings of “Falcon of Peace”: lies a Museum… “Boldness and Majesty” These are the attributes of this habitable Falcon.. The biggest in the world!

An habitable glass and steel elephant

This is a unique monumental habitable masterpiece: a 314-metre tall elephant set on top of a foundational base made up of 7 levels, to symbolize physical power, quiet strength in the universal sense, mental strength, spiritual power… As a symbol of peace, prosperity and longevity, it invites mankind to unite before its beauty and serenity… The elephant is Man’s friend and protector. Remember that in some countries, the animal is venerated as a God…

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