The Falcon

Under the wings of the “Falcon of Peace”: lies a Museum…

“Boldness and Majesty” These are the attributes of this habitable Falcon… The biggest in the World.

Total height : 83 meters
Total levels  : 8 levels
The total surface per level : 4375 m2
Habitable surface : 35 000 m2
Estimation of the construction : on demand
Price of the creation: on demand


The “Boldness” of a sculptor at the top of his artistic game

Who combines artistic creativity with the knowhow and expertise required to breathe life into works on a monumental scale… Mateo Mornar transforms his dreams into reality, and the reality for this extraordinary artist is to usher art into our too frequently dehumanized cities populated by people – but by people too busy to stop and look, passing by and seeing nothing…


of a Falcon with its piercing gaze.

The king of birds can soar high above the clouds because it is the only bird to dare to look at the sun… A symbol of courage, power and spirituality, the three-headed “Falcon of Peace” emerged from the sculptor’s fertile imagination in the form of a livable pyramid. Made from glass and steel and entirely transparent, this messenger of peace is poised to spread its wings from upon its 130m long perch…

The world’s biggest Falcon!

 A symbol of higher spiritual states, the “Falcon of Peace” was designed with its head turned gazing up towards the sky and the sun, its accomplice. The famed all-seeing eye of the king of birds is 84 meters tall and contains 8 floors, with 6 lifts for visitors and an elevator for transporting works of art to be exhibited on the 4th floor in the heart of the building, the Museum of Modern Art with its ceiling sweeping up 4 meters high! Two floors will be given over to conference rooms and an immense concert hall… The 2nd floor forms the Falcon’s wings and will house “the Mateo Mornar School of Sculpture”. The program includes: Design, Research, Introduction and Perfecting Techniques.

A prestigious


35 000 m2 habitable surface area!

At the foot of the sculpture is the museum/sculpture reception area: 13 m. Visitors can access a 3-floor car park… On the ground floor, the “Gardens of Serenity” dotted with sculptural fountains skirt around the majestic “three-headed Falcon”. In a final flourish, the 8 floors of this incredible museum are supplemented with 4 additional floors inside the Falcon’s head, with the bird’s piercing eye accessible and home to a special surprise for the bravest visitors: an exceptional view over the city.

A restaurant around a skylight!

The top floor boasts a relaxing bar and terrace restaurant, with a menu based on French cuisine from a Michelin-starred chef. At the center of the restaurant is a world-exclusive attraction: a skylight with a view dropping over 80 meters down into a multi-colored garden that will blossom as if by magic at the very bottom of a well with walls of greenery.

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