Symbole de la paix, de prospérité, de longévité, il invite les hommes à s’unir face à sa sérénité et sa beauté…

Total height : 314 meters
Total living surface for the 30 levels in the body : 375 000 m2
The total surface of the gallery under the Elephant : 49 608m2
Habitable surface : 37 000 m2 on 7 floors
Estimation of the construction: on demand
Price of the creation: on demand


A unique monumental habitable masterpiece

A 314-metre tall elephant set on top of a foundational base made up of 7 levels, to symbolize physical power, quiet strength in the universal sense, mental strength, spiritual power… As a symbol of peace, prosperity and longevity, it invites mankind to unite before its beauty and serenity… The elephant is Man’s friend and protector. Remember that in some countries, the animal is venerated as a God…


The millennium’s biggest and most original inhabitable sculpture

This elephantine sculpture structure emerged from the fertile imagination of an artist of our times, and will be the millennium’s biggest and most original inhabitable sculpture. The 314-metre tall elephant houses around twenty lifts stopping at all 31 floors, each containing 4 to 5 very luxurious apartments of 200, 300, 400, and 500m2 with private terrace and even a pool – incredible, but true!

Le Faucon le plus grand du monde !

 A symbol of higher spiritual states, the « Falcon of Peace » was designed with its head turned gazing up towards the sky and the sun, its accomplice. The famed all-seeing eye of the king of birds is 84 meters tall and contains 8 floors, with 6 lifts for visitors and an elevator for transporting works of art to be exhibited on the 4th floor in the heart of the building, the Museum of Modern Art with its ceiling sweeping up 4 meters high! Two floors will be given over to conference rooms and an immense concert hall… The 2nd floor forms the Falcon’s wings and will house « the Mateo Mornar School of Sculpture ». The program includes: Design, Research, Introduction and Perfecting Techniques.

Un interieur

de standing

An incredible feat of art and technology

The Elephant is to be built on a 7- layer base that in turn will house a 5-star hotel, a cinema, a theatre, a plethora of boutiques occupied by the most prestigious names in high fashion, jewellery and cars, without forgetting the beating heart of this high-end community: the Galerie d’art Mateo Mornar gallery, a tribute to the visionary behind this unique masterpiece, which will host exhibitions of renowned contemporary artists. It would be an honor for this project to be brought to life in your city, in the heart of a region open to creativity, to forward- thinking and to innovation.

This monumental habitable sculpture is dedicated to mankind and to culture, and will quickly become an international media magnet, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Sydney Opera House. This larger-than-life elephant needs a name, and will be named after its sponsor or the person of their choice… The entire project can be completed within 3 years! Naturally, I am prepared to supervise all of the project’s various steps, from the engineering and architectural stages to overseeing on-site work, with a view to ensuring this extraordinary sculpture meets with success.

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