The Tower of Peace

Symbolise Peace in the World with its “Tower of Peace,” Today, it is the highest building in the world. A complex of five pentagons illustrating the “5 Pillars of Islam” united by 5 intermediate platforms, each 24 meters high. At the top, 1008 meters high: the world’s highest Prayer Room nestled in a 6 storey Star overlooked by its 85 m Moon Crescent, the emblem of Islam…

Total height for each of the 5 towers : 1008 m
Total levels : 198 levels
The total surface habitable per level : 380 m2
Complete surface built : 750 000 m2
Habitable surface : 500 968 m2
Price of the creation: on demand

5 Pillars of Islam

  • Profession of Faith
  • Prayer
  • Almsgiving
  • Fasting during the month of Ramadan
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca


The “5 Pillars of Islam” together will form the “Tower of Peace,” sprung from the sculptor’s boundless imagination, each pillar bearing the name of the religious principle it symbolize.

A genuine work of art

The world’s biggest structures in a Muslim country

Standing 1008 meters and 198 stories tall, totaling 750 451 square meters with 550 968 sq.m. living space: Hotels, flats, offices, leisure facilities, this genuine work of art will be one of the world’s biggest structures in a Muslim country…

an incredible feat of art and technology

This habitable sculpture is an incredible feat of art and technology and is built on a 7 layer base that in turn will house a cinema, a theatre, a plethora of boutiques under the sign of the most prestigious names of haute couture, jewellery and cars, without forgetting the beating heart of this high-end community: the Mateo Mornar Art Gallery, a tribute to the visionary behind the unique masterpiece, which will host exhibitions of renowned contemporary artists.

A prestigious


The 5 Pillars

Between the ground and the Star at the very top, will link these five pillars, inspired figuratively and in the noblest sense, enhanced by pools with fountains, oriental carpets of plants and flowers with patterns will recall the symbols of Islam visible from the Star 700 meters above…

In the center of the gigantic 6 stories star overlooking and uniting the 5 pentagons, will beat the heart of the « Peace Tower »: « The highest prayer hall » in the world…

The Star will be topped by a sculpture with a steel frame 85 m in diameter: the Crescent, emblem of Islam: its 4 m wide staircase will allow access to the tip of the horn of the crescent moon … An entire city nestled in a humanist tower that combines ancestral faith with the modernity of the 21st century with its shopping center, luxury shops, hammams, gyms, indoor swimming pools, banks: a whole vertical city with its squares, restaurants, cafes, gardens…

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